Solved Servo Applications

Warehouse Automation

Warehousing automation is a key factor in providing consumers with short delivery times and a major focus for companies to place goods as close as possible to major points of sale. Warehouses and Distribution Centers (DC) are implementing many forms or derivatives of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to provide high speed and accurate internal picking and presenting of those goods for delivery.

Motion Needs

Cart’s dual-wheel traction and pallet arm extension

Customer Requirements

    Low Voltage DC Battery Supplied System with Heavy Loads

    • Short Transfer Times
    • High current draw with up to 150 amps continuous / peak for traction
    • Lowered current draw for dual extender arms

    Network Operable

    • CANopen® communications
    • Complete with built-in transceiver and up to 1MBaud communications rate

    Confined Spacial Volume with Specified Connectors and Features

    • Meet FFF (form
    • fit
    • and function) design for pre-specified integration
    • Emergency Stop feature required with dedicated connector
    • Both servo solutions must be small in size to help reduce overall cart weight

    Solutions Technology

      Engineering Know-how

      • ADVANCED Motion Controls' sales and engineering teams performed as consultant to the customer
      • Invaluable servo knowledge and failure analysis / solutions provided to get the project up and running

      Cost-effective Custom Solution

      • New market product soon to be released proved as perfect starting point containing most vital building blocks
      • Refined design slightly to meet customer needs at a cost that no other suppliers could meet

      Inception to Production

      • Close cooperation from the beginning of the project to final production proved ulitmate solution