Custom Servo Drive Solutions: Top 6 Benefits

Custom Servo Drive Solutions benefitsAt ADVANCED Motion Controls, we offer custom servo drive solutions designed to suit your specific application and provide you with the control you need to accomplish tasks at higher volumes. With a turnover as short as a few weeks, we work with our customers to create a design that is cost-effective for your business and modified for any form and function you require.

While we have a large and diverse selection of off-the-the shelf products, we understand that sometimes a project needs a servo drive of a more specialized design. That’s why we offer custom-designed servo drives that minimize systems complexity and optimize performance output over cost effectiveness to deliver a product that is affordable and optimized for specific OEM applications.

Our products never sacrifice systems performance and are designed to still work within your system’s parameters.

While the investment of a committing to a long-term custom servo drive solution may initially appear to be the more expensive route, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Let discuss some of the most common reasons that OEM’s invest in custom servo drives and the benefits of a custom servo drive.

Why Invest in a Custom Servo Drive Solution?

Why invest in Custom Servo Drive SolutionsFrom aerospace to building underwater cameras, OEM’s require servo equipment that can withstand the tremendous weight and gravitational restrictions of these industry uses. The most common reasons that manufacturers invest in a custom servo drive solution include:

  • Weight and size requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • Ability to handle higher volume tasks
  • Resistance to intense temperature or vibration demands
  • Increase precision of repeatable tasks (e.g. valve positioning or AGV motion)
  • Improve energy efficiency

With private labeling use and the ability to integrate into existing system requirements, investing in a custom servo drive solution offers so many benefits that the competition can’t match. Let’s discuss this further.

Benefits of a Custom-Designed Servo Drive

Customized to Match Any Application

Custom Servo Drive benefits

Every OEM requires different power outputs and every application requires a specialized solution suited to those requirements. Our off-the-shelf products offer an advanced solution, but with our custom design process you can modify each product to the weight and sizing requirements of your machine, as well as the external power requirements of your specific application.

Seamless Integration with Existing Machining Applications

Capable of any form, fit, or function, our custom servo drive solutions are designed for your specific application in mind. This means that we take everything into consideration from existing system requirements and constraints to programmable drive interfaces, that create a fully seamless and cost-effective mechatronic system.

A More Cost-Effective Solution

Custom Servo Drive Solutions cost effectivenessAdditionally, creating a seamless mechatronic manufacturing system means that you can increase production and handle higher volumes. Custom servo drives can also help

cut down on preventative maintenance issues by seamlessly integrating with any system requirements and offering a more reliable solution at greater power efficiency.

Furthermore, by reducing systems complexity and stripping away unnecessary features, our custom servo drives can achieve higher power density and comparable performance metrics at a reduced size.

Competitive Advantages in Your Industry

Custom Servo Drive benefitsWhether it’s manufacturing, robotics, or 3D printing, creating seamless systems integrations provides greater reliability and precision among all processes in a system, giving you the optimal output you deserve. With full mechatronic integration, our custom servo drives can handle high volume performance outputs and provide you with a clear competitive advantage in your industry.

High Volume Performance in a Simplified Machine

Reiterating this last point, AMC’s custom servo drive solutions are designed to retain performance standards in a smaller physical design. Much like PCB mount servo drives, our custom servo drives can achieve greater power density, whether it’s through leveraging PCB mounts, multi-axis drives, or a decentralized servo design.

Improved User Experiences

Custom Servo Drive Solutions improve UX

Finally, all products must be designed with end-users in mind, no matter its industry use. A fully customizable and integrated servo design gives you full control over your manufacturing process. With real time monitoring and analytics, you can get more out of your machines and breathe a sigh of relief.


Investing a custom servo drive solution may be the right choice for your business to stay lean and competitive. We’ll work at your pace and guide you through the process to find the right product for your application and get you up and in running in no time. Contact us today to get started!