DriveLibrary API Makes it Easy to Control Servo Drives

Only some sevo drives on the market can truly operate as a stand-alone smart drive. As a result, businesses typically require more technically advanced motion controllers to operate their drives.

You’ll find plenty of third-party motion controllers on the market, as well as AMC’s Click&Move Control Software, which can control servo drives over a variety of automated distributed networks.

While these separate motion controllers come fully furnished with all of the proverbial bells and whistles needed to run a machine, there are some instances where the application is far too complex for the servo drive's built-in motion or even too simple for a full-featured controller.

This is where a developer may choose to develop their own control system. ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DriveLibrary is targeted for this situation and intended to greatly simplify development of an in-house solution.

What is DriveLibrary?

DriveLibrary is a high-level interface that delivers the full advantages of high-speed networking and distribution of control for developers of motion control solutions.

The DriveLibrary API is designed for DigiFlex Performance servo drives, offering a simple, yet powerful solution for servo control interfaces. This intuitive API has proven capable of supporting a wide variety of motion control applications and continues to receive praise from our customers.

What separates DriveLibrary from most developer programs is its ease of use. It comes with a set of predefined functions that simplify the programming and streamline the process. You don’t need to be an expert to get started and comfortably learn the DriveLibrary API.

DriveLibrary handles the network communication link to the drive including, network protocols, object dictionary, send/receive messaging, PVT (position-velocity-time) generation, buffering, and more.

DriveLibrary runs on Windows, 7,8, and 10 and can operate using CAN and RS232 Communication. DriveLibrary™ applications are written and developed in C++ and based on Industry Standard PLCopen Function Blocks.

Just a few of our DriveLibrary compatible products include:

You can see a complete list of our DigiFlex Performance products, all compatible with DriveLibrary, here!

Benefits for Servo Drives

Using DriveLibrary makes it easier for programmers to command single-axis motion commands for absolute moves, relative moves, and velocity moves.

There’s also settings available for acceleration, deceleration, and jerk to provide absolute control and smooth, repeatable movements.

PVT motion profiles provide transparency for users, as well as position monitoring for velocity, command, error state and more.

Above all, the API’s simple learning curve and predefined functions allow programmers to focus on higher level machine programming. For more sophisticated applications, DriveLibrary also provides simple commands for homing and more advanced motion control.

With this said, programmers can cut down on errors, save time, and reduce complications during the development process to get their machine up and running in no time.

If you’d like to learn more about DriveLibrary, contact us today!