EtherNet/IP now available for FlexPro Servo Drives

With the release of two new products, not only have we added panel mount servo drives to our FlexPro® family, but we've also added Ethernet/IP to our growing list of supported network protocols at ADVANCED Motion Controls.

The FMP060-25-IPM is the first of our off-the-shelf standard products to be compatible with EtherNet/IP , but it certainly won't be the last.

FMP060-25-IPM FlexPro® Servo Drive

Most servo drives and controls on the market that use EtherNet/IP are designed to operate at higher voltages such as 220VAC. However, AMC's new FlexPro drives run on just 10-55 VDC, making low voltage/high power options available to EtherNet/IP users.

These new FlexPro drives are perfectly suited for manufacturing applications, robotics, and warehouse automation. Their lower operating voltage and high output current expands the options that were previously unavailable when creating new designs with EtherNet/IP. The panel mount form factor makes integration, maintenance, and even retrofitting hassle-free.

Also available in the panel mount form factor is the FMP060-25-EM with EtherCAT communication.
FMP060-25-IPM 50 amps peak / 25 amps cont. 10-55 VDC Panel Mount EtherNet/IP
FMP060-25-EM 50 amps peak / 25 amps cont. 10-55 VDC Panel Mount EtherCAT

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