Panel Mount

Panel mount form factor is the traditional mounting method for industrial components, particularly servo drives. Rectangular in shape like a book or a shoebox, panel mount components are typically installed in a cabinet and are either mounted on their spine or flat against the panel. In the case of servo drives and other motion control components, the mounting frame often doubles as a heat sink.

While typically larger and bulkier than their PCB mount counterparts, panel mount servo drives can have much higher power capacities, especially with the addition of cooling fans and large finned heat sinks. There is also room for additional communication and safety features. For these reasons, panel mount drives remain a cornerstone of the motion control industry.

  • Panel mount products provide additional safety and ingress protection against foreign objects
  • Offers a variety of mounting configurations and external heatsinking options

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Panel mount is our most common servo drive form factor
  • with almost 100 products available!
  • Panel mount servo drives in both AxCent and DigiFlex® Performance series
  • Many different connection options available