Aerial Stabilized Camera

Gyroscopically stabilized cameras are used every day for high-action aerial, cable-rig, crane, and sound stage dynamic cinematography.  Utilizing highly stable platforms is essential when presenting video imagery to observers allowing them to imagine they are part of the scene. Motion Needs Ultra smooth, low-speed controlled 4-axis gimbal motion connected via high-speed network. Customer Requirements Compact size restrictions given camera and overall mechanical constraints Aerial Stabilized Camera

Water Feature Nozzle Control

Achieving visual perfection can be easier said than done.  When done right however, it is a sight to behold, especially true when automating hundreds of completely articulated fixtures to choreograph incredible sequences.  Known worldwide, featured waterjets provide not just entertainment but also complete amazement. Motion Needs Servo motor control of all 4 axes of the water nozzle to include X, Y, Z Water Feature Nozzle Control