Solved Servo Applications

Aerial Stabilized Camera

Gyroscopically stabilized cameras are used every day for high-action aerial, cable-rig, crane, and sound stage dynamic cinematography.  Utilizing highly stable platforms is essential when presenting video imagery to observers allowing them to imagine they are part of the scene.

Motion Needs

Ultra smooth, low-speed controlled 4-axis gimbal motion connected via high-speed network.

Customer Requirements

    Compact size restrictions given camera and overall mechanical constraints

    • Limited space for drives as the motors and gear mechanisms were pre-determined

    Extremely quiet operation expected

    • No audible noise
    • including entire mechanism
    • permitted while in operation

    Absolute position capture on power-up

    • Knowing initial camera postion
    • without subsequent movement
    • deemed critical

    Solutions Technology

      Proven reliability needed for upgraded design

      • Customer's in-house drive design was unable to meet new requirements
      • ADVANCED Motion Controls was consulted stemming from customer's knowledge of our servo system experience

      Quick support response delivered along with ultimate solution

      • Upon engaging ADVANCED Motion Controls' engineering and sales teams
      • root cause of customer's issues were quickly determined and project success was eminent
      • Readily available PCB mount network drives provided a flexible solution with compact power and integration ease completely exceeding expectations

      Any Network

      • Any Motor
      • Any Feedback!
      • Completely network configurable servo drive while specified to use standard input commands
      • The servo drive was completely compatible and directly provided the motor with fast
      • high torque capabilities
      • BiSS-C absolute encoder feedback support inclusive with servo drive selected