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Water Feature Nozzle Control


Achieving visual perfection can be easier said than done.  When done right however, it is a sight to behold, especially true when automating hundreds of completely articulated fixtures to choreograph incredible sequences.  Known worldwide, featured waterjets provide not just entertainment but also complete amazement.

Motion Needs

Servo motor control of all 4 axes of the water nozzle to include X, Y, Z and Θ motion.

Customer Requirements

Reliability and longevity

  • Improve both performance and reduce failures from other previous systems providers
  • Servo system was projected to reduce costly field underwater maintenance procedures

Moisture protection

Network communication

  • Compatibility with digital controller network's serial commands for hundreds of drives for tightly choreographed routines
Servo Drives for the Entertainment Industry

Solutions Technology

Lasting relationships leads to new business

  • Consultant working with customer recommended ADVANCED Motion Controls based on prior projects
  • History of drive reliability and excellent application integration support prior to project launch made ADVANCED Motion Controls the ideal candidate

Cooperation with customer's engineering team resulted in best product / price value

  • Modification to DigiFlex® Performance RS485/232 platform drives proved perfect
  • Custom logic added to meet particular timing issues for overall application
  • PCB's conformal coated to provide protection against inadvertant moisture
  • Drive firmware locked
  • project file pre-loaded to simplify installation

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