Panel Mount Servo Drive

Panel mount form factor is the traditional mounting method for industrial components, particularly servo drives. Construction Panel mount components are rectangular in shape like a book or a shoebox. Two sides of the box are usually formed by a metallic, L-shaped baseplate to which the circuit boards and electronics are attached internally. This baseplate serves Panel Mount Servo Drive

PCB Mount Servo Drive

PCB (or Plug-in) mounted products facilitate total system integration. Traditionally, panel mount servo drives are housed in metal cases and installed into electrical panels which took up lots of space in the machine. Embedded servo drives greatly reduce the space required to operate by plugging directly into your PCB and eliminating the need for metal PCB Mount Servo Drive

Size & Shape

Unique Shapes The rectangular box is the traditional shape of a servo drive. However, sometimes off-the-shelf drives don’t physically fit into the application because they are too long or too wide. Luckily, drive design is not constrained by this convention, and drives can be supplied in almost any size or shape required to meet dimensional Size & Shape