Solved Servo Applications

Underwater Camera | Deep Sea Motion Control

Deep-sea submersibles are utilized for demanding underwater operations, including exploration, construction, observation, support, and interventional tasks. Given the extreme environment and remote operation, many design considerations are taken into account.

Motion Needs

Pan and tilt control for multiple cameras per vehicle

Customer Requirements

    Extreme Pressure Exposure

    • Withstand depths of 6000m below sea-level
    • which creates 8500+ psi / 585+ bars

    Network Command and Control

    • RS232 communication between drive and host
    • Drive operated in Velocity Mode
    • –with position loop closed by host control

    Limited Size and Weight

    • Mounting area restricted to compact footprint within motor enclosure
    • Lowest possible weight critical to design

    Solutions Technology

      Readily available product provided unmatched performance and power density

      • Customer requirements for features
      • size
      • and power easily met by DigiFlex® Performance PCB mount drives
      • Best overall solution than other competitive products

      Highly involved application support

      • ADVANCED Motion Controls' training helped customer learn network serial commands
      • Dedication to project support earned the trust and appreciation of customer
      • Minor modifications accomodated the high pressure
      • deep ocean environment
      • Drives shipped pre-loaded with customer configured project file

      Design improvements

      • Custom design opportunity came from success with standard product and close cooperation with ADVANCED Motion Controls
      • Optimal system integration made possible with custom baseplate and motor-integrated design as final assembly