DigiFlex® Performance

DigiFlex® Performance servo drives can be controlled over the network or stand-alone using traditional ±10V analog commands, Step & Direction, PWM & Direction, and more. Configuration is achieved with a PC and DriveWare®, and once configured the type of control is flexible to the user.

  • Full tuning control of Position
  • Velocity
  • and Torque loops
  • Real-time oscilloscope with up to 8 channels to ensure that tuning achieves the highest performance
  • Status window with over 50 simultaneous channels for drive and system diagnostics
  • Stand-alone or network configuration
  • I/O configuration for over 60 events and signals
  • configurable to latch/non-latch as well as active-high and active-low
  • Universal servo motor compatibility by means of automatic commutation adjustment
  • Dual loop feedback and control - increases stability and accuracy

    Network Options

    • CANopen
    • EtherCAT
    • Modbus TCP/RTU
    • RS485

    Form Factor

    • Panel Mount
    • PCB Mount
    • Vehicle Mount

      Feedback Options

      • 5V TTL Encoder
      • Absolute Encoder - (BiSS-C, EnDat, Hiperface)
      • 1Vp-p Sin/Cos Encoder
      • Resolver
      • Tachometer
      • Hall Sensors

      Motors Supported

      • Three Phase (Brushless) - Servo BLDC/PMAC
      • Closed Loop Vector
      • Closed Loop Stepper
      • Single Phase - Brushed
      • Voice Coil
      • Inductive Load