Solved Servo Applications

Portable Ventilator

Medical ventilators provide breathing assistance for patients with the inability to do so. Available now for decades, this particular ventilator is in use at hospitals and clinics worldwide. Considered the most dependable, high performance ventilator in the market today with computerized turbine control, it was the first homecare ventilator to match synchronization with patient’s efforts.

Motion Needs

Precise rotational velocity and direction control of brushless motor driven scroll compressor

Customer Requirements

    Specific design parameters

    • Inexpensive
    • small size and with robust operability
    • Demanding speed and acceleration/deceleration control to deliver high rates of volumetric air changes
    • High bandwidth for outstanding overall system response

    Critical life support needing high reliability

    • Low failure rates expected
    • Long serviceable life

    Flawless operation and seamless transition between environments

    • Patient transport via hospital beds and ambulances
    • Operating room
    • In-home

    Solutions Technology

      Efficient and streamlined design

      • Full custom servo drive
      • Final circuit architecture included no pots
      • switches
      • outer case
      • or firmware reducing overall cost while maintining ease-of-use.
      • 100% specifications verification and test guaranteed high quality/design

      Objective review

      • Unsurpassed operation besting original design expectations
      • Repeatable performance even after years of service

      In production well over 20 years with over 80,000 units in operation!

      • Multiple model / company changes since inception but similar design still in production today
      • Exceeded quality goal expectation of 99.7%