Solved Servo Applications

Motion Controlled Patient Table

Cardiovascular X-ray equipment rely on extremely precise controlled motion in order to allow physicians to perform accurate procedures.  The patient table must be capable of following and repeating complex motion path profiling that provides medical staff with high-resolution 3D imaging.  The table’s motion is simultaneously coordinated with the motion of the X-ray C-arm during the these procedures as well.

Motion Needs

Configurations for variations of up to 7 axes of complex and highly coordinated repeatable motion

Customer Requirements

    Ease of integration with high performance and reliability for an end-product that stands-out from competition

    • Provide a product that combines customer's unique features with ADVANCED Motion Controls' servo drive technical know-how

    Exceed medical standards for added patient safety

    • Extend isolation margins of signal-to-signal and signal-to power levels
    • Exceed IEC 60611-3
    • CISPR 11 (Class B) radiated noise emissions

    Custom specifications for final drive design

    • High-speed 100baseT network communications
    • Incoporate proprietary communications with other peripheral system devices
    • Customer-specified connectors needing to occupy mulitple case sides

    Solutions Technology

      Custom designed

      • high-speed networked digital servo drive
      • Initial desgn based on available standard model
      • "Fit
      • Form
      • Function" achieved

      Enhanced design

      • Isolation between incoming high voltage power and low-level logic power increased 50%
      • from 2kV to 3kV
      • Standards for noise emission with 6dB or more of extra margin across required spectrum

      Any motor

      • Single model servo drive operates at every axis location regardless of motor or associated loads

      Flexible design reduced system complexity

      • Incorporated customer-specified system components: connectors
      • cabling
      • and pinouts
      • Drive seamlessly integrated as a gateway between other peripheral devices and system host using i2C communication