Integrated Motion Platform And Control Technology™, better known as IMPACT™, is an architectural design for digital servo drives that allows for the highest performance and power density available. With an advanced processing capability and plenty of storage, IMPACT™ provides the best of servo drive intelligence. Drives with IMPACT™ can easily become self-contained control systems with no need for an external controller.

Using high-power components and micro-devices, drives with IMPACT™ can handle very high currents in a compact package. Thanks to IMPACT™, ADVANCED Motion Controls’ drives can have a higher power density than ever before.

IMPACT™ was developed for the FlexPro™ drive family, starting with the FE060-25-EM. However, IMPACT™ architecture can also be used to create custom servo drive solutions upon request.

Contact us if you think IMPACT™ can be a part of your motion control solution.

IMG_3843 fe and fm together - 3 small drives

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