Integrated Drive Motor & Motion Control

Integrated servo drive electronics with permanent magnet servo motors incorporate and maximize recent technological advancements while providing complete motion control solutions in a single, more compact package.

Combining both drive and motor, integration improves power density with smaller and more efficient electrical components, and optimizes axis performance. Additionally, choices can come with complete network connectivity / compatibility in decentralized systems or control of simple point-to-point motion with stand-alone axes as the application for each may dictate.

Magnetic Feedback Advantages

Non-contact magnetic feedback is a natural selection for most integrated drive-motors. When integrating widely available magnetic encoder chips into the drive electronics, a shorter and more robust overall design is created that further eliminates costly additional encoder components.

Integrated drive motor
Custom integrated motor drives
FlexPro servo drive

Continued advantages with magnetic encoder integration is extended environment use, both at extremely low and high temperatures. Where moisture exposure may be a problem, electronics can be conformal coated to accommodate swinging temperature ranges from one end to the other through normal operation, and no worries exist from condensation as optical devices are not in use.

Saving Space and Costs

In any case, integrated designs can easily accommodate many different types of feedback devices or form factors. By providing open space in the rear of the housing, a wide selection of encoders can be considered, whether in component or pre-packaged forms to fulfill the many different machine or equipment solution requirements. Small servo drives, such as ADVANCED Motion Controls’ FlexPro® drives, might easily fit into the back of a motor without the need for custom products.

An important aspect for many OEM’s and End Users alike is the realization that this is all possible while providing a significant increase in overall system reliability and lower overall cost.


  • Reduction in the total number of components
  • Increased operational efficiences by pre-tuning the drive and matching to the motor
  • Greatly simplified machine and equipment designs with a reduced need of interfacing
  • Reduction and simplification of overall cabling
  • Elimination of panel space for drive electronics and the heat normally produced
  • Extended use and operating range for many applications
Integrated motor servo drive

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Custom drives are being delivered today that provide motor suppliers with standard offerings for incorporation into their product lines
  • Additionally, a fast-growing adoption of this technology is the partnering with motor companies to supply dedicated design solutions for OEMs

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