50/50 vs 100/0

In 100/0 switching, the H-Bridge switches between two states – 100% ON and 100% OFF – with the output magnitude controlled by the duty cycle. Reversing direction is accomplished by using the complimentary power devices in the H-Bridge. In 50/50 switching, the H-Bridge switches between 100% forward current and 100% backward current. Again, the magnitude is controlled by the duty cycle, however 50% duty cycle commands 0 current output.

  • 100/0 switching is easy and cost-effective to employ and can achieve high performance results
  • 50/50 switching has an advantage when the current command has to cross through zero current output - there is very little to no zero cross-over distortion

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • AxCent brushed and brushless drives use 100/0 switching
  • while some older discontinued drive models use 50/50 switching