Connector Type

Connectors physically attach electrical conductors between the servo drive and other peripherals. They can be divided into two categories: Plug-in and Screw-in. Plug-in style connectors use matching male/female pairs to connect cables to the drive. Screw-in style connectors use screw terminals or other mechanisms to connect individual wires to the drive. Both types of connectors can be used on power carrying and signal level conductors.



  • Plug-in terminals are ideal for pre-made wiring harnesses and make final installation easier
  • Screw-in terminals create more secure wiring connections that are less likely to wiggle loose under adverse conditions

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Connectors for off-the-shelf servo drives are selected for optimal size, cost, and convenience requirements
  • Custom drives can be designed with any connector and pin layout specified by the customer

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