Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnet motors use magnets in place of magnetic coils. Brushed motors have magnets in the stator while brushless motors have magnets on the rotor. This is in contrast to induction motors and series wound motors which use coils in both places.

Permanent magnet motors range from the simplest motors in children’s toys to large motors used in industrial environments. Their ease of use, simplicity, and efficiency make them very popular for millions of applications. In fact,  permanent magnet motors encompass the majority of motors used in the motion control industry.

In general, all servo motors can be classified as permanent magnet motors. While servo amplifiers were designed for controlling permanent magnet servo motors, servo drive technology has expanded to cover other motors as well. However, the core of the technology and the core of motion control come from servo amplifiers and permanent magnet motors.



  • For the same amount of power and torque output, permanent magnet motors are smaller and more efficient

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • All off-the-shelf servo drives work with permanent magnet motors

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