The maximum rate of change in current (di/dt) is dictated by the bus voltage V and the motor inductance L, where di/dt = V/L. A minimum amount of inductance is required for a stable current loop.



  • Too much motor inductance can make the current loop sluggish, leading to difficulties during the tuning process and limiting the overall system response
  • If the motor inductance does not meet the minimum requirement then the current loop becomes difficult to control and will begin to oscillate, causing the motor to overheat

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Both AxCent and DigiFlex® Performance drives can be tuned to achieve the best possible performance for a given motor's inductance and system bus voltage
  • External inductors can be added to increase the load inductance to specified levels
  • The switching frequency can be increased to reduce oscillations
  • A large selection of servo drives over a wide range of power allows a higher or lower bus voltage to be selected

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