The AxCent product platform encompasses the non-digital architecture servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls® including: panel mount, pcb mount and vehicle mount servo drives. The quick response and high bandwidth of AxCent servo drive designs are targeted for centralized control schemes, hence Axes for Centralized Control. The AxCent product platform brings improvements to the design architecture that utilize our years of experience in the industry and the latest advancements in modern servo system design.

  • Built-in hardware protection - Over Current
  • Over Voltage
  • Under Voltage
  • Over Temperature
  • Short Circuit
  • DIP Switches and Potentiometers for loop tuning
  • current limit adjustments and drive configuration
  • Standard models support both brushless and brushed motor types
  • Velocity feedback via incremental encoder
  • Hall Sensors
  • or tachometer
  • Optical isolation between high and low power signals standard on certain models
  • Current
  • Velocity
  • and Fault Monitor analog output signals
  • Status LEDs for power and drive status
  • Four quadrant regenerative operation
  • Extended Environment versions available

Operating Modes

  • Current
  • Duty Cycle (Open Loop)
  • Encoder Velocity
  • Hall Velocity
  • Tachometer Velocity
  • Voltage
  • IR Compensation

Feedback Options

  • 5V TTL Encoder
  • Tachometer
  • Hall Sensors

Form Factor

  • Panel Mount
  • PCB Mount
  • Vehicle Mount

Motors Supported

  • Three Phase (Brushless) - Servo BLDC/PMAC
  • Closed Loop Vector
  • Closed Loop Stepper
  • Single Phase - Brushed
  • Voice Coil
  • Inductive Load

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