Motion Automation Control Cards

The Motion Automation Control Card (MACC) family comprises stand-alone general purpose motion/automation controllers programmed with ADVANCED Motion Controls Click&Move® IDE software (Click&Move® IDE uses IEC-61131-3 language and PLCOpen standard Libraries). Learn More

MACC02 Control Card


The MACC02 can control ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives over EtherCAT and CANopen networks. Additionally, the optional plug-in I/O module enables the MACC to control non-networked ADVANCED Motion Controls’ analog or digital drives using traditional commands such as Step & Direction, +/-10V command signals and PWM and direction commands.

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MACC11 Control Card


The MACC11 (µMACC) is designed to be a compact, low cost, controller for machine automation and/or process control applications. Based on firmware loaded, the MACC11 can control: up to 6 axes of servos or steppers via Pulse/Dir signals, servo drives via the CAN Bus, or 2 servo axes via PWM signals to digital servo drives.

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