Product Status: Active
Size (mm) 142.30 x 99.95 x 18.10
Weight (g) 113

The MACC11 (µMACC) motion automation control card is designed to be a compact, low cost, controller for machine automation and/or process control applications.

Based on firmware loaded, the MACC11 can control: up to 6 axes of servos or steppers via Pulse/Dir signals, servo drives via the CAN Bus, or 2 servo axes via PWM signals to digital servo drives.

Applications are programmed in one of three ways depending on the firmware loaded:

  • Using the powerful Click&Move® IDE (program resides on the PC)
  • Directly in C by the user or ADVANCED Motion Controls for custom projects (program resides on the MACC11)
  • Click&Move® program on the MACC11 (future release)

    When using a Click&Move® program running on a PC, the MACC11 communicates with the user application via the RS232, RS485, USB, or Ethernet ports. If programmed in C, the MACC11 can act as a stand-alone controller. Also, application specific pre-programmed MACC11 versions are available for OEMs. High speed hard real-time applications (e.g. servo loops, data acquisition, etc.) can be implemented in the user programmable MACC11 version.

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    • CE CE for both Class A Electromagnetic Compatibility and LVD
    • ISO 9001 Process Quality compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards
    • PLCopen Certification for Compliance Procedure for Motion Control part 4 versions 1&2
    • REACh Regulation, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals
    • RoHS III RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances)
    • UL UL file number E140173 for US and Canadian safety compliance
    • CMRT Declaration for Conflict Mineral Reporting
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