Product Status: Active
Size (mm) 227.28 x 99.95 x 16.97
Weight (g)

The MACC02 motion automation control card operates from a 24 VDC power supply and can control ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives over EtherCAT and CANopen networks. Additionally, the optional plug-in I/O module enables the MACC to control non-networked ADVANCED Motion Controls’ analog or digital drives using traditional commands such as Step & Direction, +/-10V command signals and PWM and direction commands.

As a stand-alone controller the MACC can take the place of a PC in a control system to reduce cost. The MACC can also be configured to work in conjunction with a PC where the MACC handles the real-time and time-critical processes such as motion control, and the PC handles less time-critical processes such as the HMI.


Software Downloads

Application Notes

  • AN-047 Click&Move® - Running a Project on the MACC with a PC-Based HMI
  • AN-052 Click&Move® - G-code Reference Guide
  • AN-053 Using the SMEM to Interact with Click&Move®
  • AN-054 Preparing a Linux System for Click&Move® Compatibility
  • AN-057 Click&Move® - Two Axis EtherCAT Field Bus MACC Tutorial

Instructional Videos

  • VidInst-001 Basic overview of Click&Move soft motion and automation
  • VidInst-006 Tutorial to program a simple single axis machine and HMI.

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