New 100 Amps Peak FlexPro Servo Drives Available!

Okay, sometimes a little bigger is better.

Now joining our FlexPro family are the first of our "Mini"-sized servo drives. With a slight size increase, these drives can output over double the current and run on higher voltage than our existing micro-sized FlexPro drives.

Quick Specs

  • 50 amps continuous!
  • 100 amps peak!
  • 20-90 VDC supply!


Small Servo Drive PCB with copper pins


ModelForm FactorNetworkDimensions - mm (in.)
FE100-50-CMPCB MountCANopen43.2 x 38.1 x 12.4 (1.70 x 1.50 x0.49)
FE100-50-EMPCB MountEtherCAT43.2 x 38.1 x 17.0 (1.70 x 1.50 x0.70)
FD100-50-CMDevelopment BoardCANopen133.4 x 127.0 x 15 (5.25 x 5.00 x 0.60)
FD100-50-EMDevelopment BoardEtherCAT133.4 x 127.0 x 19 (5.25 x 5.00 x 0.90)


The Mini Size FlexPro drives boast a continuous current rating of 50 amps and a peak current rating of 100 amps.

The unrivaled power density will allow engineers to take advantage of FlexPro's advanced features in higher power applications, unlocking new possibilities in robotics, warehouse automation, machining, aerospace, and more!

mini custom flexpro servo driveAlso available is the development board version designed to make development and prototyping as easy as possible.

Contact us to see if FlexPro is what your application needs to get running.

You can see our full selection of FlexPro drives here.

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