Solved Servo Applications

Remotely Operated Vehicle

This proven, world renowned robot is an all-terrain ROV with high payload capacity and multiple attachment options designed to provide multiple mission support. In particular, by operating hundreds of meters away it enables reconnaissance activities as well as active surveillance for military, security and police forces alike and keeps operators directly out of any potential harm or danger.

Motion Needs

Dual track traction control, robotic shoulder and elbow as well as other ancillary attachments.

Customer Requirements

    High efficiency expectation

    • Battery supplied
    • mobile operation needing 8+ hours duty / 7-day standby capabilitiy
    • ≥98% efficiency to extend overall battery life

    Motion experience assitance needed

    • Customer's original experience was with other industries
    • not mobile robotics
    • In-house engineering initially had limited motion control knowledge

    Small size and low weight considerations

    • Avaiable space was at a premium
    • Portability key to overall design / use

    Solutions Technology

      Engineer-to-engineer interaction

      • ADVANCED Motion Controls' engineers became an extension of customer's design team
      • Intensive on-site support assessed and assisted system requirements

      Standard-to-custom development track

      • "Proof-of-concept" completed with standard drives
      • Ultimate solution proposal combined all needs into common design which reduced component count from 4 drives per robot to two
      • Additionally
      • lowered overall costs with single design for both sides which helped management of the overall supply chain

      Multiple solutions

      • Common dual-axis drive deployed to power each side - one for traction / shoulder with other for traction / elbow
      • Configurational options include custom PCB mounted drives for powering grippers and other accesories as needed

      Integrated development

      • The drive's baseplates were designed as an integral piece of the ROV's structure
      • Compartment sealed to IP67 upon installation for all weather operational capabilities