Servo Drive Trends for 2023

It sure doesn't feel like it, but this is our fifth year publishing our report on servo drive trends!
Since our first Servo Drive Trends in 2019, we've steadily filled out our FlexPro offering with 80 models covering a wide range of power and capabilities. This year in 2023 we will continue to expand the FlexPro family and develop new platforms.

Product Trends and Features

New Models

FE060-60C-CM 60-amp continuous current rating Servo Drive

FE060-60C-CM servo drive, a 2022 LEAP Award winning product

Last year we introduced 8 FlexPro models, two of which were our highest power offering to date (3.6kW).  In fact we were recognized for our efforts by the 2022 Leap Awards when the FM060-60C-EM servo drive received the Gold award.

Last year's models were based on our embedded style designs. We will continue the trend into 2023 by mixing and matching features and capabilities to further broaden our product offering.

SSI Encoder Feedback

In our ongoing effort to provide solutions that are compatible with as many feedback types as possible we are adding Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to the mix. SSI is an encoder feedback protocol for absolute feedback. This will be added to our existing products that already include BiSS-C, EnDat, Hiperface and Tamagawa.

Part of a ChatGPT-generated C++ code for an HMI that toggles servo drives' logic power.

Part of a ChatGPT-generated C++ code for an HMI that toggles servo drives' logic power.

AI Trends

Generative AI was the big surprise towards the end of 2022, but what does it have to do with Servo Drives? Not much yet, but we're starting to see hints of what's yet to come….

…One example can be found in coding. Click&Move (C&M), our automation and motion control software solution is integrated with the QT HMI.

We recently confirmed that ChatGPT can autogenerate C++ or Phyton code for a simple C&M HMI. This approach represents a higher level programing than textual programing and makes it easier for users to develop HMIs for their C&M programs.

Look out for an upcoming video on how to use ChatGPT to generate C&M-HMI.

Trade Show Trends

Robotics Summit 2023 trade show Boston, MA

Robotics Summit 2023, an annual robotics-focused trade show held in Boston, MA

2022 was the year to test the waters for trade shows to see if they were ready for a comeback. The message was loud and clear: trade shows were not only welcome, but they were sorely missed. Case in point: the previously co-located Automate and ProMat shows each went their separate ways.  One would think that the newly separated shows would be smaller versions of the previously combined show, but in reality they each immediately grew to fill the voids that the other left behind.

Not only that, but the Automate show went from showing every other year to now showing every year.  Additionally shows focused on robotics and motion control are growing and multiplying quickly in North America and Europe. The post-covid era is a great time for trade shows!

mobile warehouse robots agv amr

Robots are increasingly common sights in warehouses around the world

Industry & Application Trends

Automated Warehouses and Order Fulfillment have been a driver for growth and innovation for several years.  2023 is no exception as the trend continues to grow with more companies building automated warehouses than ever before.

Servo drives are needed for traction wheels, steering and actuators. Micro-sized servo drives are ideal for their high power density and easy integration into mobile robotics.

Need support? Not to worry! Our best people are on it.

Counter Trend: Support

While others are moving to automated support or do it yourself systems, we're sticking with live support.  We have always prided ourselves on our top notch technical support and customer service.

When you call us during our opening hours you will be greeted by a live receptionist and will be directed towards live technical support or customer service.

We believe excellent support is one of the things that separates us from our competition and is often a factor when our customers choose to work with us. Our customers find it reassuring that they won't be left to fend for themselves if they ever run into trouble. We're just a phone call or email away and we don't see this changing any time soon!


There's a lot happening in 2023 and the world of automation is busy on all fronts. From mobility to miniaturization to Artificial Intelligence, we're fast approaching a new era in motion control and robotics.

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by René Ymzon, Marketing Manager

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