Best in Breed Solution | Endless Options for Motion Controls

When searching for components for your motion control application, don’t settle for a packaged solution that doesn’t offer the customization and modularity  that you require. Choose the best components for your application with a “best in breed” solution.

What does best in breed mean? There are two schools of thought for purchasing motion control equipment. You can purchase your components as a packaged solution or you can purchase your components individually (best in breed).

Many motion control manufacturers offer, packaged solutions. Under this model, servo applications are sold in a pre-assembled kit that includes servo controllers, motors, feedback devices, and the servo drive. Alternatively, ADVANCED Motion Controls offers servo drives as part of a best in breed solution, which is based on the principle of helping customers find the best individual component for any application. Components may originate from different manufacturers, but every part is meticulously researched and picked to offer our customers the best possible performance for any application.

Here, we’d like to compare and contrast both models to help you understand why AMC runs on a best in breed model and how this helps our customers achieve the best performance for their motion control applications.

Packaged Solution

Packaged servo solutions offer convenience and a guarantee that all components are matched and tested to work with each other. This offers performance advantages in some cases, but your choices are fairly limited.

Purchasing a packaged solution means that you’re not only stuck with what the manufacturer offers, but if the company doesn't have a feature that you need you may be out of luck or have to settle on purchasing an expensive part.

While this sounds like a worst case scenario, this is a pretty common occurrence. For example, packaged products run into these common issues:

  • Servo components may not physically fit in your specific application
  • Feedback may not have enough resolution
  • Power and torque may be insufficient
  • Power may exceed what’s required, wasting your money in the process

Most commonly, you may end up paying for extra features you don’t need and you may be stuck without features you do need. Aside from the amount of waste you need to purchase for replacement parts, purchasing packaged solutions that don’t comply with your specific motion control requirements is quite inconvenient.

Best in Breed Solution

At AMC, we prefer best in breed solutions because they offer endless choices and customization options for your motion control assembly.

This is advantageous for a few reasons:

  • You get optimal performance by purchasing the best individual components for an entire assembly
  • You save money by only purchasing features you need
  • We help you find servo components that will offer the proper sizing and power requirements for your application

Purchasing components individually does require significant planning and research to ensure components are compatible with each other, as well as your application. You need to research different manufacturers to determine which ones are more reliable, offer the features you require, and are cross-compatible with each other.

AMC Offers Best in Breed Solutions

As previously mentioned, at ADVANCED Motion Controls we offer designs specifically intended for best in breed solutions. Our personnel is trained to help you find the best products for your application and determine if other components will work with our drives.

The servo drive is the central component in a control system where all of the other components connect. At AMC we understand this, so we design our drives to be compatible with any motor, any controller, any feedback, for any application and any industry.  Be assured that we have experience with many configurations and we can help you achieve your best in breed solution.

Our servo drives have been tested to work with many manufacturers and components and our wide product offering ensures you will get exactly what you need. We even offer custom designs for the ultimate best in breed solution!

For more information or to talk to a representative, contact us today!

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