Solved Servo Applications

Automated Wire Strippers


Automated wire strippers come in various forms. Fully programmable units are typically all-electric and cover a wide range of wire sizes and stripping lengths to accommodate needed production rates.

Motion Needs

Two axes of traction; Forward-feeding and reverse movement of the wires, with another axis controlling wire cutting

Customer Requirements

Analog Commanded Input

  • +/-10V analog torque input

Control System

  • Digital controller converts user-based input for drive signals

High throughput

  • minimal downtime
  • Industry thrives on processing as many wires as possible in the shortest amount of time
  • Performance and reliability key to providing market-competitive product

Solutions Technology

ADVANCED Motion Controls was first choice of customer’'s engineering team

  • From the beginning, the application needs were quickly understood
  • Prototyping was exceptionally quick with turnaround from market-available product
  • Excellent working relationship developed between ADVANCED Motion Controls and customer

An automation resource to the customer

  • After a decade of extraordinary performance
  • assisted customer with transition to RoHS compliance within customer's timeframe
  • Assisted included selection of 3rd-party RoHS compliant motor to seamlessly integrate with drive capabilities

20+ years of reliable operation

  • Conversion to AxCent servo drives continue to provide customer with high performing solution
  • Drives in the customer's product continue to operate trouble-free and with high performance

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