Detailed Look at the FE060-25-EM Servo Drive

We're changing things up and doing this blog post as a video, aka a vlog.  We'll be taking a closer look at the FE060-25-EM EtherCAT servo drive.  One of the things that's hard for our customers to grasp is how small these servo drives are yet they don't sacrifice on power, performance or features.  We're hoping this video will get the point across so if you have 3 minutes to spare (or 2:52 to be precise) come take a look and learn how these servo drives can help you with your next project.

Enough reading, let's watch the video!

Quick Specs and More Information

Up to 50A peak and 25A continuous

Also available in 10A continuous and 5A continuous versions

10-55VDC operating range

EtherCAT and CANopen

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