Solved Servo Applications

Electronic Torque Wrench

Power tools are used in assembly operations to fasten bolts, nuts, screws, etc., ensuring consistent fastening torque levels. This particular device also assists workers by increasing productivity, reducing errors, and is ergonomically superior to other methods.

Application Needs

Single servo drive platform supporting up to 6 interchangeable tools with different motor parameters.

Customer Requirements

    Hybrid technological solution to a traditionally digital application

    • Host communication via J1939 (CAN)

    Single platform design for a wide range of load requirements

    • 590W to 3.54kW

    Solutions Technology

      ADVANCED Motion Controls'’ custom solution outperformed the in-house design

      • Drive designed
      • tested
      • and qualified through ADVANCED Motion Controls'’ customs process
      • Smoother velocity mode performance at lower speeds than originally specified
      • Multiple automatic tuning parameters controlled via J1939 (CAN)

      Fully integrated solution

      • Drive and customer’'s controller combined as single unit
      • No outer case as drive baseplate is product's housing and cutout features included for customer specified connector interface

      Design and support process

      • Thorough lab testing eliminated issues prior to production
      • Applications engineering provided exceptional integration support

      Final design exceeded customer’s expectations