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Active Denial System


This non-lethal directed energy device was designed for multiple target platforms of deployment to deny personnel access. It is operator controlled to defined target locations with the explicit purpose of preventing personnel entry or dispersing crowds from certain areas.

Motion Needs

Smooth azimuth, elevation, and rotation of transmitter and reflector panel needed for distance targeting

Customer Requirements

Complete dual-loop motor control

  • Drive's motor commutation and velocity loop feedback are both using internally mounted resolver
  • Drive's position loop utilizes unique, ring-mounted external encoder

Solution for non-standard motors

  • Sealed brushless servomotors with internal gearing and specific characteristics
  • A total of 3 servo axes for non-traditional elev/az control


  • mobile application
  • Maintain operation while undergoing shock/vibration at vehicle speeds and environments

Solutions Technology

Customer already had experience and trust with capabilities of ADVANCED Motion Controls to deliver project success

  • Motion needs of other applications had been met by ADVANCED Motion Controls with previous customer designs
  • Selecting ADVANCED Motion Controls as primary supplier was a quick decision

DigiFlex® Performance drives met all the requirements

  • Completely compatible with motors having resolver feedback
  • Ruggedized enclosure incorporated standard panel mount DigiFlex® Performance RS485 capable drives for shock and vibration
  • Application easily accommodated including tuning parameters of customer's unique motors
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls serial protocol provided the desired RS485 network commands

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