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Directed Acoustic Device


This system provides long range hailing with precise directional capabilities for maritime, public safety, defense, commercial security, and wildlife / asset protection use.

Motion Needs

Seamless pan and tilt of acoustic transmitter platform using compact, common servo drives with high speed Ethernet interface and absolute encoder feedback required.

Additional Customer Requirements

Dual-mode operation

  • On-the-fly mode switching for different application stages
  • Velocity mode for operators utilizing joystick to acquire target
  • Position mode for software commanded position control to maintain target

Fit & Form replacement of existing

  • unreliable solution
  • Competitor's drive failures and lack of support caused customer significant downtime and additional costs
  • Growth, including international business, dictated a supplier with higher reliability and greater support

Stringent operating procedures

  • Absolute position and control of pan & tilt motion upon system power-up
  • Brake output and position limit inputs to prevent unwanted motion due to gravity and other concerns
Directed Acoustic Device

Solutions Technology

Proven reliability with market-available drive

Custom design proposed for project improvement

  • ADVANCED Motion Controls' customs deliverables and efficient support provided the answers
  • Combined drive and mounting card assembly reduced cost and minimized customer hardware footprint
  • Simplified integration - additional EMI filtering enhanced noise suppression
  • higher voltage added for digital brake output control
  • customer-specified connectors and on-board encoder power supply

Directed Acoustic DeviceDirected Acoustic Device

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