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Coordinate Measuring Machines


Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are used to measure geometrical attributes of objects for verified correctness. These metrology machines are typically 3- or 4-axes and usually include touch or optic probes to provide positional feedback. The machines can be manually controlled by an operator for data collection or automatically controlled for dimensional inspection use in real-time process quality control.

Motion Needs

X-Y-Z-Θ controlled motion for high-precision measuring

Customer Requirements

Be the new servo drive standard

  • A variety of motor and drive manufacturers needed replacement over many different machine models
  • A single solution desired for inclusivity within the many different existing controls

Targeted for highest performance

  • smallest size
  • lowest cost
  • High bandwidth with low phase lag for fastest possible probe response / lowest hysteresis
  • Smallest possible enclosure size for entire product range to help reduce overall costs

Reliability and accuracy

  • Consistent and repeatable performance across multiple CMM models
  • achieving sub-micron measurements

Solutions Technology

Off-the-shelf AxCent PCB mount drives easily met initial requirements

  • Customer's in-house evaluation found AxCent drives were technologically superior to multiple competitors
  • Best performance, smallest size, and least expensive

Stringent customer testing

  • Bode Plot analysis proved PCB mount AxCent drives were the best market-available servo drives

Knowledge and support base won the customer's trust

  • Applications and Design engineers answered all the technical questions

Dedicated custom models improved performance even further

  • Current loop tuned to match specific motor in use
  • Design's control platform exceeded all objectives
  • Production on over 35 different CMM models w/ over 25,000 PCB mount AxCent drives in use as of today
Coordinate Measuring Machines

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