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CNC Machine Tools


A machine tool is a device capable of shaping or machining metal or other rigid materials through an automated process known as Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Milling, cutting, drilling, as well as other CNC machines, are preprogrammed to account for pattern designs, material types, tools used, speed of operation, etc. The precise sequences and/or repeated steps can produce much more complex pieces with many finished pieces being exact duplicates of one another.

Motion Needs

Provide precise spindle rotation, X-Y-Z positioning and chip auger controlled axes

Customer Requirements

Pre-specified electrical and mechanical connections

  • Custom connectors for multi-model compatibility
  • Defined mounting profile for service ease and field retrofitting

Smooth and stable performance

  • Highly accurate velocity motion and positioning profiling

Broad power range

  • Cover a wide variety of machine sizes
  • Handle different spindle and load types

Solutions Technology

Competitively priced

  • high performance products
  • More cost-effective solution that bettered previous supplier's capabilities
  • Complete solution included custom servo drive for spindle control
  • standard off-the-shelf drives for X-Y-Z positioning and chip auger

Flexible technology

  • Control of varying spindle sizes across multiple machines with one ADVANCED Motion Controls' drive model
  • Undesired solutions required multiple servo drive models previously


  • on-going support
  • Direct access to ADVANCED Motion Controls' engineering team was key to project foundation
  • Continual product evolution with servo drive model parameters as needed motor and machine specifications changed

CNC Machine Servo Drive

CNC Machine Servo Drive

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