Solved Servo Applications

Automated Assay Machine

Automated assay machines deposit various bio-technic,-logic,-chemical liquid samples to the wells of assay trays in a controlled, automated manner for large-scale testing and analysis. The machine’s manifold location / pump operation, conveyed table speed and tray’s row / column position all need complete coordination for most efficient transfers that easily surpass 1 million per day.

Motion Needs

Velocity and position coordination of the motion as well as volume and duration control for dispensing.

Customer Requirements

    High performance network communications

    • EtherCAT® already existed on other support equipment
    • Ability to communicate / connect to other work cells


    • repeatable behavior
    • Continuous tray motion with tightly metered liquid dispensing action on precise intervals

    Ultra high throughput screening

    • Reliable operation with continuous throughput to maximize sample deliveries
    • No system downtime and low failure rates

    Solutions Technology

      Unique but standard off-the-shelf solution available

      • Reduced customer's time to market
      • EtherCAT® with ADVANCED Motion Controls' DxM Technology for highest performance and cost savings

      Position-based logic output

      • Servo drive available PLS feature allowed precisely controlled
      • on-the-fly dispensing
      • Distributes time consuming position calculations from the controller to the drive
      • This further enhanced motion coordination and allowed increased throughput

      Future machine designs

      • Established close cooperation between customer and applications engineers at ADVANCED Motion Controls for next-generation systems