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Plasma Cutting Controller


Plasma cutting is a process that allows the cutting of conductive metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper, by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Precision control of the plasma torch is key to providing finished work pieces.

Multi-axis CNC style controls with automatic torch height control provide affordable and low cost, high-speed operation for this form of metal cutting.

Motion Needs

X and X’ for gantry axes, Y for orthogonal axis and Z for torch height leveling

Customer Requirements

High operating temperatures

Torque mode operation from the servo drive

  • Fast, responsive current loop as position loop is closed by the controller

Fit in already minimized enclosure size

Migrating from stepper to servo driven technology with need to maintain smallest possible size

  • More simplified installation and setup
  • Increased productivity and profitability for end users

Solutions Technology

Excellent integrated solution already available in ADVANCED Motion Controls' PCB mount drives

  • No other product on the market came close to the power density and performance capabilities
  • Technological upgrade from SERCOS and basic analog controls
  • Small size and PCB mount form factor allowed customer to embed drives in their interface board within enclosure
  • High temperature industrial environments were no issue for the drive's expansive thermal operating range and excellent heat dissipation characteristics - drive baseplate mounted to back panel of enclosure as heat sink

Success with multiple drive and product generations

  • Customer had confidence in PCB mount drives and migrated to new versions with no concerns
  • Future-generation cutting controller moving to digital platform - designed to use DigiFlex® Performance PCB mount drives with EtherCAT® command and networking

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