Solved Servo Applications

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen fuel cells are viable sources for battery powered systems in a variety of applications. Vehicles can include: movers, forklifts, automobiles, buses, boats, etc. As well, these systems are used as primary / backup power for commercial, industrial and residential uses. The cells convert hydrogen’s reactive chemical energy into electricity based on the volume / flow rate from the oxygen supply, typically from air, with no environmental concerns.

Motion Needs

Precise control of the flow of oxygen over the fuel cell’s stack

Customer Requirements

    Support for Different Size and Power Requirements

    • Similar drive-motor performance characteristics as power levels change between vehicle fleet models


    • Compact
    • Cost-effective
    • Application on these vehicles dictate embedded solution

    Extended Environment

    • Ambient's operating environments are beyond traditional industrial uses
    • special servo drive required

    Solutions Technology

      Multiple Product Re-designs and Testing

      • Customer had attempted various servo drive manufacturers over many years with little success
      • ADVANCED Motion Controls' sales and representative team maintained long-term working relationship before and during project

      Market Available AxCent Drives Met Requirements

      • Customer decided to test with PCB-mount
      • extended environment servo drive readily available
      • Multiple power ranges more than satisfied needs within product family


      • Cost-Effective Performance
      • Lightweight and compact architecture was perfect fit to solve the requirements