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Die Caster Reciprocator


Die cast molds are usually made from several metal parts where typical configurations consist of two varying sized halves. When molding produce end product, raw materials (metal, plastic, etc.) is inserted, heated and placed under extreme pressures. When separated, residual materials left behind would create imperfections on the next end product molded. Using high precision robotic reciprocators for lubing, oiling, watering, or air blowing, the molds remain clean and ready for immediate reuse.

Motion Needs

Positioning and speed control of the spraying manifold used in between mold face plates.

Customer Requirements

High Temperature Operation

Extremely Accurate and Repeatable Motion

  • Manifold must move in a pre-planned control path
  • Exact nozzle placement / distance from the die faces

High Speed Machine Movement


Solutions Technology

Standard Drives Met Temperature Requirements

  • Customer tested drives from multiple manufacturers
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls' standard AxCent drives outperformed all other competitors as they dropped off below high-temperature threshhold
  • Exceeded specification withan additional 6°C headroom

Peak Product Performance

  • To achieve optimal reliability, drive design modified with higher temperature power devices

Multiple Machines

  • Consistent Drive Platform
  • Drive reliability, repeatability, and performance led to customer designing in multiple ADVANCED Motion Controls' drives for different machine power levels

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