DriveWare® 7 software is used to commission, troubleshoot, and integrate all ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives. All drive limits, control loops (current, velocity, and position) and event handling can be configured in DriveWare®.

  • Easy-to-use interface common to everyday applications
  • Up to 16 unique Indexes - relative or absolute motion profiles
  • Combine Indexes with Homing routines and other control functions to create up to 16 different Sequences
  • Built-in oscilloscope and waveform generator
  • Real-time gain changes to optimize tuning and achieve the highest performance
  • On-the-fly Mode Switching
  • On-the-fly Gain Set Switching

    Extensive Tuning and Configuration Tool Set

    • Built-in oscilloscope and multimeter to monitor real-time internal drive signals
    • Configuration and diagnostics of all digital and analog inputs and outputs

    Expanded Compatibility and Capability

    • DriveWare® 7 is compatible for use with ADVANCED Motion Controls' CANopen, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, Modbus, RS485/232, and Ethernet TCP/IP network capable DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives
    • With universal feedback and motor support, DriveWare® 7 and DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives present a complete motion control solution for any motion application

    Programmable Limit Switches

    • Two independent programmable limit switches are configurable directly within DriveWare® 7 or by using network commands
    • The direction, pulse width, repeatability, and rollover can all be set to user-defined values, allowing great flexibility for use in multiple application scenarios

      The Powerful Motion Engine

      • Create up to 16 unique Index Tasks by defining position, velocity, and acceleration/deceleration values. Indexes can be either Relative or Absolute motion profiles. Once created, Indexes can be activated using the Motion Panel, digital inputs, or by using an external network command.
      • Indexes can be combined with Homing routines and other control functions to form up to 16 different Sequences. Sequences can be configured to initiate on power-up, via a digital input, or over the network.
      • The Motion Panel tool is used to execute pre-defined Indexes, Dynamic Indexes, Jogs, and PVT motion profiles. The Motion Panel also displays current motion profile data and Motion Engine status.