Indexes are pre-configured moves stored in digital servo drives.  They can be either absolute or relative depending on the preference for the motion application. The move profiles, including acceleration, velocity, and deceleration, can be individually defined and stored together in the drive’s internal memory. This spares the controller from having to create a target move multiple times through a command signal each time it attempts to execute it; instead, it can simply send a signal that triggers the pre-defined index.



  • Indexes can be controlled with I/O or over the network
  • Indexes allow simple controllers to use a few digital outputs to control complex tasks or processes
  • When used in conjunction with networks, the host no longer needs to account for motion calculations

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Up to 16 separately defined Index tasks can be defined and configured in DriveWare® to be stored in DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives
  • In addition, up to 16 Sequences, routines made up of multiple indexes, can be stored on the drive, making for thousands of movement combinations simply from indexing!

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