EtherCAT® is a high performance Ethernet based deterministic network protocol developed by Beckhoff. It is industry proven to deliver high-speed, deterministic control with standard 100 base-T hardware and achieve blazing fast, consistent results in demanding applications. DigiFlex® Performance™ (DP-Family) digital servo drives operate in torque, velocity, and position mode and offer full tuning control of all servo loops to achieve the highest performance for your application.

PCB mount EtherCAT-enabled servo drives also utilize ADVANCED Motion Controls’ unique, proprietary high speed multi-axis communication interface and I/O expansion capabilities (‘DxM’™ and ‘DxI/O’™ Technologies). Now a single EtherCAT® node can accommodate a combination of up to 4 axes of motion with 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 analog outputs each. The result is a highly integrated high value motion control solution for single or multi-axis applications.

ADVANCED Motion Controls’ plug-in module EtherCAT servo drives were named winners in Design News’ annual Golden Mousetrap Awards in recognition of our engineering innovation and creativity in product design!


  • Based on standard Ethernet for 100baseT
  • Real-time down to the I/O level
  • Multiple topologies possible - line
  • star
  • tree
  • daisy chain
  • drop lines - can be used in any combination
  • Requires no special Ethernet hardware - standard Network Interface Cards (NIC) can be used
  • CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) allows use of CANopen protocol and feature set over EtherCAT
  • Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE) allows other Ethernet-based services and protocols on the same physical network

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • 2x100 Mbit/sec max speed
  • 10 kHz update rate
  • < 1 ms jitter