Audible Noise

While some motors are nearly silent when they run, others get very loud. For example, DC motors are generally quieter than stepper motors. However, if your motor is running noisily, it might not be an inherent property of the motor. Sometimes, adjustments to the the wiring or motor drive tuning can drastically alter the motor’s audible noise level.

Before one attempts to quiet-down a noisy motor, they should consider whether or not it is necessary. The amount of allowable noise varies depending on the situation. In a factory environment or other settings, some audible noise may not be an issue. However, for certain applications (camera control, stage equipment, animatronics, etc.) even the smallest amount of audible noise can be unacceptable. And in some applications, the acceptable noise level falls in the middle ground, such as in many household and desktop devices.



  • Audible noise can be an indication of feedback or command interference, over-tuning, or other problems.

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Off-the-shelf servo drives are typically very quiet - noise issues from interference can be fixed with proper wiring practices
  • Noise issues from over-tuning can be easily fixed using DriveWare®

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