Single phase AC is commonly found in the home or in commercial settings. Power is typically transmitted across the electrical grid for efficiency, as it isn’t as susceptible to line loss over great distances as DC current. This AC power is what you get from the electrical outlets in your homes. In the US, 120 VAC / 60 HZ is standard, while 230 VAC / 50 HZ is typical in Europe. Three phase AC is found in commercial and industrial settings.

Most common household devices that plug into the wall have an AC-DC power supply that converts this AC current and voltage to the DC current and voltage that are actually able to run the device. The “charging block” for your cell phone, for example, is an AC-DC converter.

However, there are some devices that run on AC current, including AC motors.

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Three Phase vs. Single Phase

  • Unlike single phase AC, three phase AC can deliver continuous power with minimal voltage ripple

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Both AxCent and DigiFlex® Performance drive models can accept single phase AC or three phase AC up to 480 VAC
  • Some three phase AC models can also accept single phase AC with de-rating
  • DC power supplies that accept both single and three phase AC are also offered

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