Current Mode

In Current Mode, the input command controls the output current. Only the current loop is active in Current Mode, and the velocity loop and position loop are either disabled, non-existent, or closed outside of the servo drive. Because of this, it is usually considered the most basic operating mode of motion control.

Current Mode is also called Torque or Force Mode since the output torque/force is proportional to the motor current. This means the drive will not compensate if an outside torque is applied to the motor shaft in the opposite direction; it will simply maintain the same current output that it is commanded.



  • Because current and torque are directly proportional, calculations become very simple
  • Most simplified form of motor control

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Current Mode is a selectable option on almost all offered drives
  • Certain DigiFlex® Performance drives can operate in Profile or Cyclic Synchronous Current Mode

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