New Voltage Range for Micro-Sized FlexPro Drives

We've added new 20-90 VDC servo drives to the micro-sized FlexPro® product line, supplementing the existing 10-55 VDC options.

Available to order now are the 25 amp continuous (50 amp peak) models in the PCB mount and machine embedded form factors. Both drives feature EtherCAT communication with other networks to follow in future releases.

FXE060-25-EM small


  • PCB Mount
  • 25 amps cont.
  • 50 amps peak
  • 20-90 VDC
  • 38.1 x 25.4 x 16.0 mm
    (1.50 x 1.00 x 0.61 in)


  • Machine Embedded
  • 25 amps cont.
  • 50 amps peak
  • 20-90 VDC
  • 50.8 x 25.4 x 26.0 mm
    (2.00 x 1.00 x 1.03 in)

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