Solved Servo Applications

Automated Guided Vehicles


AGVs are autonomous mobile robotic platforms with multiple industrial and commercial uses as well as for research development projects. These systems are typically used to transfer materials.

Motion Needs

Multi-axis traction and steering control for heavy loads. Servo drives selected due to their overall operational efficiencies.

Customer Requirements

Compressed schedule and deliverables

  • Customer given one month timeframe to demonstrate proof-of-concept
  • Control system selected from outside vendor of much smaller robots
  • Target platform to combine transplanted controls into new, larger, more complex system.

Specified network communication

  • CANopen® network expected in the drives given stability of existing smaller system.

Much higher current demands

  • 150 amps peak and continuous current output

Solutions Technology

Prior success with ADVANCED Motion Controls

  • Both customer and smaller robot controls manufacturer use ADVANCED Motion Controls'’ drives
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls'’ success with the smaller robot control system provided the starting point to design higher power drive solution
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls' capabilities and experience of providing a quick solution edged out competition

Quick response and proposed solution

  • Standard CANopen interface combined with higher power platform
  • Concurrent internal development on high-power vehicle mount drives led to customer receiving prototype unit in 2 weeks

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