CANopen® FlexPro® Drives Now Available!

The FlexPro® servo drive family just got a lot bigger, but the actual drives got even smaller! Introducing nine new FlexPro drives equipped for CANopen® communication. The new units have even higher power densities than our already incredibly compact EtherCAT® versions.

FlexPro FE PCB Mount CANopen digital servo drive

PCB Mount "FE" FlexPro CANopen servo drive

FlexPro Machine Embedded FM CANopen digital servo drive

Machine Embedded "FM" FlexPro CANopen servo drive

FlexPro Development Board FD digital CANopen servo drive

Development Board "FD" FlexPro CANopen servo drive

The new drives also come in our three FlexPro form factors. The PCB mount “FE” style drives are the most compact, able to integrate directly onto your own control PCB interface. The machine embedded “FM” drives feature standard connectors that allow them to be installed anywhere in your machine. And the development board “FD” style drives come equipped with large connectors and ports, making it ideal for prototyping and testing.

The 25-amp continuous FE060-25-CM boasts the highest power density of any ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drive to date. All units run on 10-55 volts DC.

PCB Mount
10 amps peak / 5 amps cont. FE060-5-CM FM060-5-CM FD060-5-CM
20 amps peak / 5 amps cont. FE060-10-CM FM060-10-CM FD060-10-CM
50 amps peak / 25 amps cont. FE060-25-CM FM060-25-CM FD060-25-CM

CANopen is a network communication protocol that has been popular in the motion control industry for decades due to its inexpensive implementation costs and overall robustness. CANopen servo drives have been a staple of our digital product lines, and we are very happy to extend FlexPro into this network.

FlexPro will continue to expand, encompassing more network, power, environmental, and feedback capabilities.

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