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Apheresis Systems


Apheresis systems use continuous blood flow collection and centrifugation technology to separate and leukoreduce platelets, plasma, and red blood cells typically to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune diseases. This life critical extracorporeal therapy medical technology takes the patients blood, passes it through the machine and returns the remainder to the patient.

Motion Needs

Exact rotational speed control of the centrifuge.

Customer Requirements

Critically Accurate Control

  • Centrifuge speed must be maintained for successful blood separation without sample destruction, specified at 3,595 RPM ±0.1%

Smooth and Precise Motion

  • Low cogging and low torque ripple allowance for best performance

Reliability and Safety

  • Medical environments either in the lab or with patient contact demands consistent, dependable, and repeatable operation.

Solutions Technology

Customer's design needed improvements

  • Original, in-house design was unable to reliably maintain required critical speed
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls was recommended as a solution to customer by motor sales representative
  • Off-the-shelf AxCent™ servo drive platform was slightly modified by specifically tuning loop values to match customer's motor

Two decades of a high performance servo solution

  • Centrifuge is the centerpiece and focus of operation of the customer's machines
  • Success with initial project platform led to ADVANCED Motion Controls being the 'designed in standard' on all new product lines

Excellent drive and company performance

  • Regular project review meetings with customer has confirmed zero technical or support issues over thousands in use
  • Shipments made on time at the right price for the customer
  • Simple installation with flawless operation is how the drive provides unparalled value

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