Motion Engine & Embedded Motion Control

The Motion Engine is embedded motion controller functionality in all DigiFlex® Performance servo drives. These features provide greater flexibility by distributing motion control behaviors to the drive, offloading the HMI, PC, or PLC from calculating motion trajectories. Motion Engine features and controls are configured in DriveWare® 7 software.



  • Create up to 16 unique Index Tasks by defining position, velocity, and acceleration/deceleration values. Indexes can be either Relative or Absolute motion profiles. Once created, Indexes can be activated using the Motion Panel, digital inputs, or by using an external network command.


  • Indexes can be combined with Homing routines and other control functions to form up to 16 different Sequences. Sequences can be configured to initiate on power-up via a digital input or over the network.

Motion Panel

  • The Motion Panel tool is used to execute pre-defined Indexes, Dynamic Indexes, Jogs, and PVT motion profiles. The Motion Panel also displays current motion profile data and Motion Engine status.

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