Velocity Mode

A servo drive configured for Velocity Mode turns the motor at a velocity that is proportional to the command. Small commands will generate small velocities and large commands will generate large velocities. Velocity Mode requires the use of a velocity feedback device, such as an encoder, resolver, tachometer, or Hall Sensors.

Unlike current mode, a servo drive operating in velocity mode will compensate with more power to maintain the target velocity if an outside force acts on the motor shaft. This makes the mode useful for motion control applications where something needs to maintain a target velocity in the face of interference. This acts very much like the cruise control function on many automobiles; even when traveling up and down hills, your speed remains the same while cruise control is active.



  • Encoder Velocity Mode provides the best velocity resolution over the widest range of speeds
  • Hall Velocity Mode is used in many applications where precise velocity control is not required Ð no external feedback device is necessary

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • A large selection of AxCent
  • DigiFlex® Performance™ and FlexPro™ drives operate in Velocity Modes
  • Certain DigiFlex® Performance drives can operate in Profile or Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Mode

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